Microdosing cannabis, the new way to medicate?

Microdosing marijuana has become increasingly popular. It is a great way to get the medicine you need without going overboard. It is essentially just medicating in smaller doses throughout the day, as opposed to smoking a whole joint or eating an edible. 

A lot of people feel paranoid when they consume too much THC. Some people say they can’t stop the racing thoughts, even if it isn’t paranoid ones. An easy solution for some might be to use a CBD product to avoid using too much THC, but some patients need the medicinal benefits that THC can offer along with CBD. CBD can also make people sleepy, which isn’t ideal during the day. 

When you microdose cannabis, you can receive the THC in smaller doses and avoid consuming too much. There’s also some research showing that microdosing may be the best way to achieve the results you are looking for when using medical cannabis. This study, for example, found that their participants given the low doses of cannabinoids experienced greater pain relief than those given higher dosages.

Here are some more benefits to microdosing marijuana: 


Microdosing Cannabis Gives You More Control

When you roll a joint or make an edible, it is easy to determine how much cannabis you are using. You know you put in a gram or two grams to make your brownies, but you don’t know the THC and major and minor cannabinoid content. You can do your best to guess based on what you know about the strain and genetics, but without the proper testing capabilities, it is hard to determine exactly how much THC is your perfect dose. 

Microdosing cannabis can help you get a better understanding of your dose. You are able to better determine your stopping point, as opposed to smoking a whole joint or eating an entire brownie before realizing you overdid it. 


It Can Save You Money

Using smaller amounts of cannabis can save you money, that’s pretty self-explanatory. It may take your body a while to adjust, but eventually, your tolerance level will decrease and you can use less cannabis. You also may find that your body didn’t need to transition at all and you could have been using less the whole time. Our bodies work fluidly with cannabis and will adjust based on what we give it. 

If you smoke, try using a one-hitter instead of a pipe or just taking one hit out of your pipe. Wait 5 or so minutes before taking another hit and examine how you feel. A lot of the time, we take hit after hit without giving our body much time to react to the first one. We may realize we only need 

Microdosing Cannabis Can Be Very Discrete

Microdosing cannabis is the easiest when you smoke or have a product from the dispensary. 

In the instance of smoking, using a small one-hitter for a second or puffing a vape and blowing out less smoke is very discrete. This makes being away from home a lot easier if you do need to medicate on the go. It also allows you to travel with a lot less medicine than you would if you smoked multiple joints a day. 

A dispensary tincture or edible has dosage information on the package, making microdosing a lot easier. Microdosing cannabis is also becoming more and more popular, so many cannabis brands are designing products around the idea of microdosing. 

Microdosing Psychedelics

Microdosing has also become very popular in the psychedelics world. Many people microdose LSD, mushrooms, and other recreational drugs with the purpose and intention of enhancing their day and opening their minds.