Clones were never to be sold to patients, Department clarifies

Clones were never to be sold to patients, Department clarifies


New draft rules from the state have caused debate amongst operators about the sale of clones to patient-customers.

Several dispensaries presumed they could and would sell clones directly to patients and many cultivators planned to sell clones to dispensaries for patient sale, however, the medical marijuana program clarified the rule that, indeed, plants of any sort were never intended to be sold in dispensaries.

The rule does allow for the sale of seeds.

Amy Moore, Deputy Director and Counsel for the Section of Medical Marijuana Regulation, said the “existing rule does not allow for plant sales at dispensaries.”

“In that rule, you will see a requirement that a dispensary verify a purchaser of seeds is authorized to cultivate before selling them seeds,” Moore said.

“There is no mention of a process for selling plants. However, over time, we have gotten questions that indicate some were still assuming plants would be available at dispensaries, so the draft revision seeks to clarify the rule.


“It is important to note the inability to purchase plants is not unusual for a medical marijuana state. But most importantly, under Article XIV, dispensaries in Missouri are not authorized for cultivation, which is what would be occurring as soon as a dispensary took possession of a living plant.

“Because of this, the rules are not designed to regulate dispensaries in the ways we regulate cultivation facilities, particularly regarding security, waste, and testing of final product,” Moore said. “As always, we value public input on draft rules.”

Patients may have 6 flowering, 6 non-flowering, and 6 plants under 14 inches in their home grow if they are a registered patient-grower. Caregivers may have the same 6-6-6 per each patient they are registered for – including themselves.

Suggestions may be made using the Suggestions Form found here, with the draft rule.

FEATURED IMAGE/Amy Moore, right, at the orientation meetings on March 4-5, 2020, in Jefferson City PHOTO/CHRIS SMITH