Draft rules require dispensary-posted vape warning


New draft rules from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services focus on dispensary framework – and have a public comment period that ends Monday, June 8.

The draft rules include a requirement that dispensaries, at each point of sale, post a sign with lettering no less than 20 point font that reads:

“WARNING: Vaping cannabis-derived products containing THC has been associated with cases of severe lung injury, leading to difficulty breathing, hospitalization, and even death.”

There have been no reported deaths related to vaping regulated products. Reported vaping deaths and injuries have been traced back to black market products.

The Department hosted a public forum about vape products in Jefferson City on January 9, 2020. Less than 12 people attended. Public comments were accepted regarding medical marijuana vaping regulation up to January 13, 2020.

Of those who commented, a representative from the Council for Drug-Free Youth provided critical feedback. The same group does not support marijuana legalization of any form.


Others who spoke were supportive of the product being available and highlighted the black market vape problem as the culprit for injury. Trade groups put out guidance letters in the fall of 2019 to the Department asking for stricter testing and production standards, including the ban of Vitamin E Acetate.


The public comment suggestion form for the medical marijuana program is located here.

Draft rules may be edited and changed prior to publishing and taking effect.

Read the full draft rules below: