PASSED | Background checks and edibles bill to be sent to the governor


The background check bill supported by the Department of Health and Senior Services and the Section for Medical Marijuana was truly agreed and finally passed by the legislature Thursday, May 14 and sent to the governor for his signature.

The bill creates statute that requires facility agents – like officers, managers, contractors, employees, and other staff and owners who have facility access to submit fingerprints to the Missouri Highway Patrol for state and federal background checks. The fingerprints will be forwarded to the FBI for a federal records search and the Highway Patrol will then notify the Department of the results.

The FBI had previously made it clear to the Department that they needed this language to fulfill the checks for agent ID cards.

As of Monday, May 11, 26 agent IDs applications had been received by the Department with 25 approved. The one without approval has not been denied.

The bill was passed with an emergency clause, meaning it will take effect upon the signature of the governor.

The same bill also includes the edibles compromise. Edibles packaging in Missouri will have to be stamped with a diamond containing the letters THC, the letter M below to indicate it is a medicinal product, and the number of milligrams of THC in the package. The mark shall be placed on the front of the package in red and white and measure one-half inch by one-half inch.


Further, the Department can promulgate additional rules and regulations prohibiting packaging from appealing to minors, which they have previously done.

The same bill adds “physician certifications under article XIV of the Missouri constitution” to previously existing telehealth statute that requires physicians who use telehealth to interview the patient, collect or review medical history, and perform an examination sufficient for diagnosis and treatment of the patient.”

To be clear, this is not a telehealth ban, but a statutory update.

Read the bill here.