Some Missouri dispensaries to offer cannabis delivery


Medical cannabis patients in Missouri are going to be able to get their medicine brought right to their doors directly from their local dispensary. 

Greenway talked to Jon Bond, the Co-Head of Sales at the cannabis delivery platform, dutchie. The company has already teamed up with several dispensaries in Missouri to bring their delivery services to the state. 

Jon Bond, Co-Head of Sales at dutchie

Bond told us that cannabis delivery has exploded as of the last few years. The company operates in 24 states, partnering with over 1,100 dispensaries across the country and is currently tracking to do $1.7 billion in annualized sales through the platform. The company raised $18 million in funding in 2019 and has grown astronomically.

Bond mentioned a side note and told us that many dispensaries who may have not seen the value in cannabis delivery before COVID-19 are starting to see just how beneficial and lucrative it can be. 


Bond said the dispensary is responsible for choosing who delivers their product. He explained they are almost always dispensary employees, and they must have a state-issued Facility Agent ID card as is required to work in cannabis. He noted that Missouri is unique for the reason that they require payment before the delivery takes place.

dutchie provides the dispensaries with a frictionless e-commerce platform for placing delivery or pickup orders. This platform also integrates with their state-approved point of sale system. The dispensary often embeds dutchie’s menu into their website for ease of user access, too. The patient can go to either dutchie’s website and place a delivery order, or the website of the dispensary they want to get medicine from.

We asked him what would happen if a delivery driver got pulled over. He told us likely nothing- as long as the driver has their Facility Agent ID card, necessary paperwork, and the product is in uncompromised packaging – because most police officers are understanding. He did mention, however, due to the looming federal illegality- it is important to exercise the same precaution as any legal patient driving with cannabis.

dutchie’s delivery services will be in the Missouri market, ready to serve patients, as soon as their partnering dispensaries open their doors.