Introducing Missouri Wild Apothecary, a Dispensary License Winner

Introducing Missouri Wild Apothecary, a Dispensary License Winner


Missouri has finally distributed medical marijuana licenses, and when it comes to manufacturing, only 86 of the 373 applicants received a license.

Missouri Wild Apothecary is a group based in O’fallon, Missouri that won two dispensary licenses. We touched base with Vice President Jason Crady to learn more about this small Missouri Wild Apothecary team of three and hear about their experience with the application process. Read on to learn more!


Greenway: Tell us about Missouri Wild Apothecary

  • Where are you located? Missouri Wild Apothecary is located in O’Fallon, MO in St. Charles County. We plan to open 2 dispensaries:
    • 2173 West Terra Lane, O’Fallon, MO 63366
    • 1120 Technology drive, O’Fallon MO 63368
  • How big is your team? We are a small three-member team, family.
  • What is your mission? To provide access to quality product and clinical education so our patients have a positive cannabis experience.
  • What makes you unique? We are a true small business owned and operated by lifelong Missouri residents. Most of our team has a healthcare background and we will emphasize the clinical aspect of the cannabis industry.

Greenway: Only 23% of applicants received a license. Tell us about the moment you found out you were one of those winning applicants. 

We were all at work and the department announced they were going to release the results a day earlier than anticipated, which caught us off guard. I was in a meeting and I saw an email come through when I looked and saw it was from the DHSS my heart began to race, I was so nervous to open the email knowing that it could have been the end of an incredible journey or just the beginning. Let’s just say that we are all still very excited!

Greenway: Tell us about the application process

  • When did you decide to apply? We have been following the industry for several years as it continues to sweep across the US. We decided we were going to apply in fall 2018.
  • What was the highlight of the application process? For us, the highlight was obviously the day we found out we had been awarded 2 dispensary licenses.
  • What was the lowlight? I’d say the lowlight was seeing some of the people we have grown close to throughout this process not get awarded licenses. We also had been working on securing a potential property in the beginning and the agent had told me that he hadn’t had anyone else inquire about the property for a dispensary so he’d need to run it up the flagpole and show them our business plan. I mistakenly gave it to him and the next day he told me he had another group interested and to give him my best offer by the next day. I told him we were willing to pay the amount they were leasing the space for. He came back and said they were going to lease to this other group. Space is currently still for lease and the address in question wasn’t awarded a license. At the time it was a low light but in the end, it was the best thing that could have happened.
  • Did anything surprise you? What didn’t surprise us! We always knew from the beginning that this was going to be an ever-changing industry and we were told to be ready to pivot at any time.
  • If you could tell your former self one thing before you started the application process, what would it be? Start earlier. Be ready for some ups and downs.

Greenway: Tell us about what you plan to do with your manufacturing license

  • What type of experience will your dispensary create for patients? I’ve been traveling the country and visiting as many dispensaries as possible and I can tell you some are awesome and some are not. We want to create an experience for our patients that will make them feel comfortable, important and educated on cannabis.
  • How do you plan to verify that the products you are carrying are safe and high quality? We will make sure we are purchasing the highest quality cannabis and cannabis-related products from top-quality vendors and having all cannabis and manufactured cannabis products tested at one of the DHSS approved testing facilities.
  • What are you most excited about? As in life, I think our group is most excited about the journey!