Missouri patient approvals break 40,000

Missouri has officially approved 41,107 applications to be a medical cannabis patient in the state. There have been 44,474 total applications to the state.

Over 41,000 Missourians now legally have access to a medicine that is so life-changing for them. 

An exciting piece of news is that the approval process has not been slowed at all by COVID-19’s impact. The state has averaged 1,000 patient approvals since the end of June 2019 and is continuing to do so through this pandemic. It’s amazing to compare these numbers to other states’ programs. According to The Marijuana Policy Project, Missouri already has more patients than Washington state, a state known for its robust cannabis program. 

There have thus far been 1,132 caregiver applications approved and 12,171 approved patient/caregiver cultivator applications approved. 


There is no breakdown of how many of the certifications are telehealth vs. traditional. Greenway Publishing Company gave away 10 telehealth certification appointments this week after Greenway Patients Magazine hit another milestone. Telehealth appointments are continuing to be offered regardless of social distancing efforts.

These numbers are from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and reflect the count as of the morning of March 23, 2020.

The Department has not announced any program delays related to the viral impacts, but their call center has been closed. Email help is still available.