4 occupations that transfer to the cannabis industry

4 occupations that transfer to the cannabis industry

There is money to be made in the cannabis industry, and the key to thriving in it is not by forcing yourself to learn a new skill. The cannabis industry is just that, an industry. Like other industries, it is multi-faceted and requires professionals of all disciplines to create a well-oiled machine. So if you have an already existing occupation, it may transfer well into the cannabis industry. Here’s a couple of jobs we think transfers well. 

There are, of course, a number of other jobs needing to be filled in the cannabis industry that are not listed. Do some research and network with those in the industry to determine what transferable skills you bring to the table.

1. Medical sales representative

Those in the industry who grow or manufacture cannabis products want their brand on retail shelves, and salespeople are the ones to get them there. Dispensaries are constantly bombarded with sales pitches, so having a proven background in medical sales will allow you to leverage yourself in the industry. 

Potential Salary: According to some medical cannabis sale jobs we browsed on Indeed, some salespeople make up to $10,000 a month. Most jobs we saw pay an hourly rate plus commission.

2. Chef

Cannabis-infused restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, as well as the idea of booking an infused chef for events and gatherings. Even vertically integrated companies hire chefs to create their manufactured products.

You can basically infuse any kind of food with cannabis, but people expect it to be high-quality. Cooking with cannabis has a learning curve attached to it, but professional experience as a chef will make it a little easier to navigate. 

Potential salary: We saw a job listing for a cannabis chef in California offering between $50,000 and $65,000 a year.


3. Retail manager

With dispensaries comes the need for management, just like any other retail store. Proven experience as a retail manager can put you a step further than other applicants. Those working as a manager must be willing to work flexible hours.

Potential Salary: We saw an average of $30,000 to $35,000.

4. Marketer

Marketing is a crucial component of successful cannabis branding. Cannabis marketing is unique because of the laws and compliance surrounding it. A successful cannabis marketer must know the rules and regulations, and a background in marketing will create a strong foundation in learning the ropes to market cannabis in a compliant and effective way.

Potential salary: There are freelance marketers and in-house marketers, so it just depends. But we saw some positions making around $65,000/year.