BEST OF THE INDUSTRY 2019: Carson Coil

BEST OF THE INDUSTRY 2019: Carson Coil
Over 1,000 Greenway readers made nominations online for the Best of the Industry 2019. This inaugural reader’s choice presentation is unique – the 2020’s is sure to look a little different.
Find features about the winners of categories in the Businesses & Professionals section in Greenway Magazine and online. For the CBD, Patient Care, and Advocacy sections, check out the categorical winners in the Spring 2020 issue of Greenway Patients Magazine and online.
Winners of these reader’s choice awards were recognized at the MoCannBizCon after party on March 2, 2020, at the incredible St. Louis Union Station.
These winners are definitive leaders in the culmination of this industry. Greenway Media congratulates each awardee on being recognized by their peers.

Blake Markus practices in several areas of law, including business litigation, construction defect, and personal injury, at Carson Coil, located in Jefferson City. Markus and the firm of Carson Coil were voted the best law firm in central and southeast Missouri by Greenway readers.

Markus’ practice has spanned from representing national window and door industry clients to aiding local clients in personal injury matters, business issues, and real estate disputes. He has also been published for research on complex Antitrust Law issues. Markus helps local businesses and corporate entities with the formation of LLCs, operating agreement and contract analysis, non-compete litigation, and litigating disputes between members or with third parties.

“Before medical marijuana, I spent and continue to spend a significant amount of my practice providing business services and commercial litigation services for businesses of all sizes throughout Missouri. I also litigate complex insurance issues in state and federal courts, usually against national and multinational insurance companies who have denied coverage to corporate and individual policyholders. I am a partner in Carson & Coil, P.C., a law firm with offices in Jefferson City and Columbia. We have been a full-service law firm in mid-Missouri for over 60 years.”

When the industry began, the firm helped clients form business entities, aided in real estate transactions, and linked clients to other professionals such as application writers and security consultants who could help them in the application process.

“I grew up in West Virginia, which is one of the states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic,” Markus said. “I had classmates and friends from high school who spent years of their lives in and out of methadone clinics just to try to get back some semblance of ordinary life. Their plight and the pain and loss inflicted on their families is something I think of often. When Missouri passed Amendment 2, I knew I had to be a part of this industry that has the ability to prevent the tragedies I’ve witnessed.”


The law firm continues to offer services for regulatory compliance, administrative appeal litigation, general business services, and in the unfortunate instance where it is necessary, litigation services.

“Our law firm is unique in that we offer a wider variety of services than most who are involved in this industry,” Markus said. “Our clients have access to corporate, criminal, family law, estate planning, and other attorneys who can provide legal advice on areas that are tangential to their representation in this industry.”

In 2019, the firm was active on the industry circuit – not just on the business side, but the advocacy side, supporting and being involved with MoCannTrade.