Introducing KindBio, a Manufacturing License Winner

Introducing KindBio, a Manufacturing License Winner

Missouri has finally begun distributing medical marijuana licenses, and when it comes to manufacturing, only 86 of the 373 applicants received a license.

One of those winners was KindBio, a group based in St. Louis, Mo. that is committed to providing quality cannabis products to Missouri patients. We touched base with Co-Founder Beth Heidrich to learn about what makes KindBio unique, their experience with the application process, and what they plan to do with their license. Read on to hear more!

Greenway: Tell us about KindBio

  • How big is your team? Our robust team of 20 came together by a grassroots effort to find the most talented people in Missouri.
  • What is your mission? KindBio is committed to producing the highest quality medical cannabis available.
  • What makes KindBio special? KindBio is hyper-focused on the quality and care with which our products will be consumed by the patient.

Greenway: Only 23% of applicants received a license. Tell us about the moment you found out you were one of those winning applicants. 

OMG!!! We were overcome by relief and joy simultaneously.

Greenway: Tell us about the application process

  • When did you decide to apply? Fall 2018
  • What was the highlight of the application process? Searching for and identifying the outstanding members of our team.
  • What was the lowlight? The waiting period after our submission and before receiving our licenses, combined with the knowledge of how many companies applied – that was tough!
  • Did anything surprise you? We knew going into this, there would be significant interest in people seeking relief through medical cannabis. We just didn’t realize just how high it would actually be.
  • If you could tell your former self one thing before you started the application process, what would it be? Have patience and don’t worry. “You got this!”

Greenway: Tell us about what you plan to do with your manufacturing license

We plan to manufacture an exclusive line of edibles, vape products, and oils.

Under the guidance of our experienced team, we are using the latest cultivation and manufacturing processes with the consideration of each patient’s specific condition. This highly individualized approach to cannabis cultivation is what will set KindBio apart from the pack.


Greenway: What are you most excited about? 

KindBio is most excited about changing patients’ lives for the better.


This is an ongoing series about medical marijuana facility license holders. The Greenway Media team has contacted all facilities for participation and posts will be written after receipt. If you are a facility that has not received the questions in error, please email to be sent questions for participation.