Sweet Jane Magazine empowers women and mothers who want to learn about cannabis for healthier, balanced lives

Sweet Jane answers womens’ questions on cannabis as legalization continues to advance nationwide.

“Women and mothers are actively starting to ask about cannabis, regardless of where they live, we want to be their first source for information minus the intimidation,” says Katy Ibsen, Sweet Jane editor and publisher.

Sweet Jane magazine was created for women by women with the mission to better inform readers who are curious about cannabis—marijuana and hemp—for health, wellness, or relaxation. Its founder believes that if we can educate consumers about cannabis, we can move closer to mainstream acceptance.

Education starts with reducing intimidation and creating a platform with easy-to-understand content about what cannabis is and how to use it. “For many women, access to cannabis isn’t the barrier to incorporating it into their lives—it’s knowing why, when, and how to use it. So we began with our own questions, seeking the answers, and sharing them with readers,” says Ibsen.

New Resource for New Consumers

Sweet Jane strives to be a leading resource for women and mothers who are new to cannabis and want to educate themselves before trying any form of cannabis.

Issue 02 includes content on: 

  • Talking to your children about cannabis
  • CBD for pets
  • The story of one woman’s pregnancy with cannabis
  • CBD dosing

Interviews with inspiring women including Karli Warner, co-founder of Garden Society, Dasheeda Dawson, founder of The Weed Head, and a cohort of women who are making cannabis laws across the U.S.


“This issue is packed with stories women can’t find in mainstream media. We wanted to take our readers into the industry, introduce them to women and mothers who are actively working within it, and why they believe cannabis is an important part of their lives,” says Ibsen.

Sweet Jane Issue 02 is on sale at select Barnes & Noble nationwide. Readers can also purchase a copy of Issue 02 at www.sweetjanemag.com.



Sweet Jane is published by Ampersand Publishing, an independent publisher. Its mission is to empower women through cannabis.

The magazine is advised by an Editorial Board comprised of: Becky Frieze, principal at Treetop Gardens; Shabnam Malek, Brand & Branch LLP, Leah Maurer, TheWeedBlog.com, Shail Paliwal, 3Leaf Edibles; Chelsey Joseph, [WHT LBL], and Lisa Snyder, Tokeativity.

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