Botannis Labs receives first facility license certification


Testing facility applicant Botannis Labs has become the first applicant to receive a facility license in the state of Missouri, receiving their testing facility license certification Thursday morning. Botannis was the top-ranking applicant in the state for the facility type. 

“It’s a great feeling,” Jeffrey Altmann, lobbyist for Botannis, said. “A lot of people put a lot of hours into this. We want to thank everyone at DHSS for their hard work.”

Altmann believes the combination of Botannis co-founder and CEO Matt Wolf’s experience paired with the location are what set the application apart. 

“Those two factors were a great recipe for success,” Altmann said. “Botannis has industry experience combined with Missouri roots.”

The facility is set to be located at 215 N. Grant Ave. in Springfield, right on the edge of downtown Springfield.


“This is a huge play for Southwest Missouri and Springfield,” Altmann said. “We intentionally wanted to put our facility downtown – it’s a good central location for everyone who is going to need testing services.”

Springfield is located at the junction of several major highways in Southwest Missouri, an asset Altmann said the team expects to make Botannis easily accessible for testing clients.

“We hope to sit down and personally reach out to everyone who receives a license and discuss how we can be of service,” Altmann said. “We applaud the time, dedication, and availability from everyone at DHSS. The process has been open and we applaud Director [Lyndall] Fraker’s wisdom and leadership.”

The Botannis team has called a meeting to solidify the next steps, but Altmann said they’re ready to hit the ground running and start the build-out immediately. 

Before becoming operational and receiving their license, every certified facility will have to pass inspection by the state. Testing facilities are certified by the department to acquire, test, certify, and transport marijuana, per 19 CSR 30-95.010 and 19 CSR 30-95.070. The Department has certified 10 testing facilities.