Cannabis Industry Showcase kicks off on Thursday


Cannabis is coming to Kansas City in just a few days!

Kansas City’s very first Cannabis Industry Showcase will be held in the historic West Bottoms from Thursday, November 21st and Friday, November 22nd, as part of Kansas City Cannabis Week.

Hundreds of cannabis entrepreneurs and experts will be descending on the City of Fountains to network and learn about the latest happenings and best practices for Missouri’s emerging cannabis industry. Topics range from accounting to insurance; from grow technologies to branding and marketing; from patient services to the science of medical cannabis; from regulatory compliance to changing state and federal policies – and much, much more! 

Showcase’s Amber Langston said they hope attendees will learn “how to build, grow, and implement a successful cannabis business that is focused on patient-centered care, supports community values, and maximizes economic development.”

The Cannabis Industry Showcase is set to feature over 70 speakers, including DHSS Medical Marijuana Director Lyndall Fraker and the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Director of Government Relations Michael Correia. Presentations will be held at the Oliver Building, located at 1321 W 13th Street in KC, MO. In addition, over 80 booths will be filled in the West Bottoms’ adjacent Hickory Center at 1315 W 12th St, representing some of the country’s top companies specializing in cannabis services. 

“The goal of CIS is to bring together Kansas City-area cannabis entrepreneurs with trusted national cannabis experts to network, learn about cannabis industry best practices, and foster a foundation a thriving, responsible cannabis industry community in Kansas City,” Langston said.

Expo and speakers start Thursday morning at 9 a.m., with two days of presentations and vendor booths. On Thursday night, a fundraiser for medical cannabis research – the End of Reefer Madness Gala for the Coltyn Turner Foundation – will be held at the Oliver Building, with all proceeds going to fund medical cannabis research. 

A separate workshop, Kansas City Interpening, will be held in on Saturday, November 23rd by the Trichome Institute, and will give attendees an in-depth knowledge of the science of medical cannabis, cannabinoids, and terpenes.


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WHAT:  The Cannabis Industry Showcase

WHERE:  The Oliver Building, 1321 W 13th St, Kansas City, MO 65202 (Speakers)

The Hickory Center, 1315 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 65202 (Expo)

WHO:  70+ Cannabis Speakers and 80+ Vendor Booths

WHEN:  November 21-22, 2019

HOW:  Tickets are online at