The Advocate Series: The Callicoat Family

The Advocate Series: The Callicoat Family

The Callicoat Family is behind Sarcoxie Nursery, a former fine flower nursery in Southwest Missouri that they are converting to a cultivation facility. Seemingly present all across the state, the Callicoats – Dr. Paul, Wendy, and Jonathan – have put their growing company out as an industry leader.

Dr. Paul Callicoat is a retired cardiologist who has taken industry-appreciated initiative actively lecturing from a doctor’s point of view, from talks to the medical community to patient events. Wendy has quickly become an iconic figure in the industry, applying her passion not only to the developing industry, but to advocating for patients. Their son Jonathan, however, studied biology on the lab side in college and brought medical marijuana research to his parents to see. His parents were on board.

Sarcoxie Nursery is now a Callicoat Family affair, but before applications and industry beginnings, the Callicoats were involved in New Approach Missouri.

The Callicoat family was a huge force in the push for medical marijuana in Missouri, organizing patient-first fundraisers, Paul had no problems speaking to groups as a doctor, Jonathan gathered signatures, and Wendy became the area volunteer coordinator. Between them the family dedicated a slew of man hours and resources. Wendy says, “Jonathon was very involved with Amendment 2 and New Approach as an advocate and signature gatherer in Kansas City. He suggested we get involved in the campaign in our area of Southwest Missouri. We attended several meetings in Kansas City and St. Louis to educate ourselves about the Amendment 2 campaign and New Approach. Paul was asked to give a presentation on medical marijuana from a physician’s perspective at the Southwest Missouri Democrats in August 2018. We both attended the meeting and realized that there was a tremendous amount of support and excitement for Amendment 2 in our local Joplin area. The organization asked for volunteers and my hand immediately went in the air.”

Wendy also told Greenway previously, “I knew that medical marijuana provided a better, more holistic way for patients to control pain and various chronic illnesses. I have lived in the Joplin area for over 25 years and being a part of a community that long and being involved in many philanthropic organizations in the area allowed me to present Amendment 2 in various arenas. I became the Amendment 2/New Approach Volunteer Coordinator for the western half of District 7 in Missouri in August 2018. I was able to work with various organizations and to put together a team of very talented volunteers and advocates to help educate the voters of our area. The level of dedication by the grassroots advocates not only in our area but all over the state was, I believe, instrumental in the success of Amendment 2.”

The family was also involved early on with the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association – and continues their involvement to this day.


The Callicoats looked around at properties on and off the internet for a long while before finding the Nursery by chance. Following the geographic maps to trace power lines, Wendy convinced Paul by chance for them to drive over and check out the old Sarcoxie Nursery. The property had been vacant for a few years. They loved what they saw and got the real estate agent on the line immediately.

Their planned facility takes up the bulk of the original nursery, which even includes a water tower. The original nursery was founded in 1875 and cultivated peonies – Sarcoxie was once the peony capital of the world, they share. The family’s booths at events boast banners with pictures of the nursery grounds, which include perfectly planted rows of trees.

“The local support for our project has been overwhelming and we are so excited to be bringing life back to this beautiful spot,” Wendy said.

Paul is quick to start to talk about their state of the art plans for the facility – but Wendy is quick to remind him that most of their plans are currently hush-hush. One thing is for certain – their plans are for cultivation and manufacturing at the nursery with a dispensary off-site. As far as the family’s plans for the nursery, they say there is only one other facility in the country that is anywhere near as sophisticated. Modern as their plans may be, their website and new sign (pictured, left) nod to the property’s past as “purveyors of fine flowers.”

“Our mission is to be the best,” Paul said.