Department begins hiring search for facility inspectors

The Department of Health and Senior Services is full steam ahead on implementing the state’s medical marijuana program. The Department has accepted at least 2,163 individual facility applications for operation in Missouri, moving to the search and hiring of facility inspectors.

All facilities awarded licenses by the state must be inspected before becoming operational. Facilities will be able to build up and out their facilities but will not be able to grow, process, or sell cannabis without an inspection first. Facilities must be operational within one year to keep their awarded license.

A job posting for Medical Marijuana Inspector/Investigator III has been posted at MO Careers.

“The Inspector/Investigator is responsible for ensuring medical marijuana facility licensees are in compliance with constitutional provisions and program rules by reviewing facility information and conducting onsite inspections and investigations as necessary. The Inspector/Investigator will provide compliance education and training on an on-going basis.”

This position will report directly to the Regional Compliance Manager and Director. Tier III is a supervisory/management capacity for state employees. The full listing can be seen online here – it closes on September 8, 2019.


Amongst the duties of the position include an outline of specific investigatory capacity for inspectors/investigators:

  • Conducting assigned investigations; locating, interviewing, and preparing statements, collecting and evaluating pertinent records; obtaining and preparing evidence; preparing detailed investigative reports; and providing testimony in administrative proceedings.
  • Coordinating program activities with staff, law enforcement agencies and other governmental entities in the conduct of investigations and identifying and addressing concerns within the assigned region or area.
  • Reviewing and/or preparing reports concerning case status, investigative findings, and recommendations for submission to administrative superiors.
  • Conducting statistical analysis of investigative trends/data and preparing reports of findings. Overseeing the collection, documentation, and preservation of evidence; and ensuring adherence to chain of custody standards.

The state has two openings for this position, which will be located in Jefferson City for 4-6 months before going virtual/remote with weekly statewide travel. Division Director Lyndall Fraker has said at public forums that the division plans to employ a total staff of 50.

Licenses must be awarded, per the state constitution, before December 31, 2019.