Cannibble launches new line of American made infused edibles



An Israeli-based food-tech developer of cannabis-based edibles targeting a variety of different, new and revolutionary types of cannabis infused food, beverages, spices and more, announced Wednesday the launch of its new brand, “The Pelicann™” to lead Cannibble’s line of products. The Pelicann products will be manufactured in the USA and Cannibble is targeting the USA first as it is the biggest cannabis market worldwide.

The Pelicann

The Pelicann presents powder-mixes enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp products. The products are proposed for personal use with ‘single-serve’ packages and for kiosks and convenience stores with instant servings of prepared products. The Pelicann says their easiest preparation concept promises freshly made cupcakes, shakes, flavored popcorn or many others in just a few seconds, by the consumer. It’s easy to make it anywhere.

The Pelicann products are offered in three families of cannabis, easy to spot by unique colors and carrying all types of cannabis ingredients from Hemp seeds, Hemp seeds oils and Hemp protein (Green); Full-spectrum CBD to Isolated CBD (Pink)  and THC infused (Blue). All of The Pelicann products are manufactured under a strict Food manufacturing QA protocols and with a known, tested and fixed cannabinoids dosage.


The cannabis edibles market is the most booming segment of the recreational cannabis market in the past 3 years, and as non-smoking products it makes it the perfect smoking replacement for consumers. Edibles are addressing 100% of consumers of all legal ages, rather than smoking that covers 20-25 % of users. According to market research report by Zion Market Research: “The global cannabis edibles market was valued at approximately USD 2.376 billion in 2018 and is expected to generate around USD 11.564 billion by 2025″.

Cannibble’s CTO and Chef Mr. Elad Barkan, 15 years of experience developing food products, commented: “We have invested almost two years of substantial R&D and we are bringing to the market completely, unseen before and non-existent today, new lines of Cannabinoids infused powder-mix based edibles and beverages, which are tasty and fun for all food lovers”. Barkan added: “We are targeting the USA non-smoking and health-driven consumers who are seeking a different experience when consuming Hemp seeds, CBD or THC”.

“I am extremely excited to see our vision for the next level of the professional edibles market come to life, selling our products on the shelves in the USA, in just a few weeks”, says Mr. Yoav Bar Joseph, CEO, with 20 years of experience in food manufacturing and global distribution. “We are working on our new B2C ‘The Pelicann’ website with an online shop for the USA and other countries,” added Bar Joseph and continues: “Cannibble is looking for more Point-of-Sales as convenience stores, coffee bars, dispensaries and alike to sell our unique products.”

Products are destined for markets according to local regulations with the following segments for first launch to market:

  1. CannaShakes™
    Powders for making shakes and/or cold and/or hot beverages
  2. Cannashakes Sports™
    Hemp protein shake mixes with CBD, which can be enjoyed by all professional and amateur athletes, just like any other protein shake. The Cannashakes Sports are plant based, sugar free, perfectly flavored with high protein levels of pure hemp protein and enhanced fixed dosage of CBD.
  3. CannaMix™
    Powders for microwave or oven making instant, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, etc. with or without hemp protein
  4. CannaSpices™
    Pure or blended spices for Pizza, Steaks, Chicken, Salads and more
  5. CannaPop™
    The Cannapop is a microwave instant popcorn mix ready in 2-3 minutes. Every single-serve package contains 50 gr (1 ¾ oz) of corn grains, and through our unique technology all are perfectly covered with our special mix that ensures all the flavoring and active ingredients to be evenly spread on the popcorn.