Medical Marijuana Division says patient portal is on the horizon

Medical Marijuana Division says patient portal is on the horizon

By Brandon Dunn

Following a release on Friday announcing the early acceptance of  applications for patients and caregivers, now beginning June 28 rather than July 4, DHSS clarified today that while the applications will begin being accepted, the online patient portal is not built out currently.

Per a statement to Greenway, “patients will submit certifications with their application.”

There will eventually be a portal for physicians to submit certifications independently, but there is no specific date for that at this time.

From the original release, “At this time, DHSS will accept physician certifications as an attachment to a patient’s application rather than directly from a physician. Patients should download a Physician Certification Form from and have their physicians fill it out. Physician certifications must be signed by the physician no earlier than 30 days before a patient applies for a patient identification card.”


Missouri patients applying for a patient or caregiver registration are subject to a $25 fee.

Patients seeking to cultivate medicinal marijuana in their home are subject to registration fees of $100.

Qualifying patient and patient cultivation cards must be approved or denied within thirty days, should the department fail to do so a card will be issued that will be valid for one (1) year and will serve all the same functions as would a card issued after application approval.