MMJ programs continue development at state level

MMJ programs continue development at state level

Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior services is doing fast work of the creation of the state’s medical marijuana program, most recently releasing a draft form to be included with facility license applications.

Tuesday afternoon, the Medical Marijuana Division will also have their, what is presumed, last advisory committee on the application before applications are released on June 4. The public comment period on the finalized program rules ends on Wednesday, May 15.

Medical marijuana programming is making leaps in bounds in nearby midwest states, as well.

In Michigan, state officials issued their first three home delivery licenses to three facilities in two cities. Michigan’s governor created a board for licensing via executive order on April 30.

Arkansas sold their first legal medical marijuana this week – with nearly 14 pounds sold in the first four days. Over 1,100 patients made purchases.

One patient’s total for four strains totalling a half ounce of medical marijuana cost $336. Arkansas dispensaries have told patients that prices are expected to decline after doors have been opened longer.

Several more dispensaries are yet to open their doors, pending state inspection.


In the Cincinnati, Ohio area, the first medical marijuana dispensary in the area has passed state inspection and is preparing to open this week.

Over 30,000 patients have received medical marijuana recommendations in Ohio. Ohio’s medical marijuana price sits at around $480 for an ounce.

On the east coast, New Jersey’s governor has loosened restrictions on medical marijuana.

At recent advisory committee meetings, attorneys for DHSS and committee members gave a question regarding options for low-income patients a heavy weight on applications.