Edibles bill, amended again, referred to Rules

Edibles bill, amended again, referred to Rules

A Missouri House of Representatives committee amended a Senate bill Tuesday evening, refining Senate language prohibiting types of edibles. That amended bill has been referred to a second committee in the House before consideration by the full House before going back to the Senate for approval.

The bill itself seeks to clarify controlled substance laws, in addition to bringing state statute in line with the new medical marijuana constitutional amendment. In the Senate, Sen. Bob Onder amended the bill to prohibit many types of edibles. 

The House committee amendment, offered by Rep. Phil Christofanelli, seeks to refine the language limiting of edibles after concerns that the Senate language was too broad and would inadvertently ban edibles.


The House has a two-tier committee system. With two weeks of the legislative session left, the bill must make it through the Rules Committee, the House for perfection and third read, and back through Senate committees and the full chamber before being truly agreed and finally passed.