Excelsior Springs City Council suspends all activity related to medical marijuana

by Brandon Dunn

On Monday Jan. 7 the Excelsior Springs City Council met and approved an ordinance suspending the acceptance of applications concerning  medical marijuana.

The ordinance, brought by City Attorney John McClelland, effectively suspends all acceptance and processing of development applications, applications for building permits, and business licenses or activities related to medical marijuana.

The ordinance reads in part, “Whereas, the City of Excelsior Springs, Missouri (“City”) desires to study, consider and respond to state constitution amendments, legislation, regulations and subsequent judicial interpretations thereof, and the Master Plan of the City, in order to protect the health, welfare and public safety of its citizens and to properly control the sale of medical marijuana and other related products and activities within the City.”


McClelland said the ordinance will serve as a 90-day pause, granting city officials the ability to consider other ordinances and policy as it pertains to medical marijuana and to consider how to regulate and control the provisions allowing for home cultivation without violating the Missouri constitutional amendment.

Although officials estimate medical marijuana will not be available until Jan. 2020, residents  will be able to apply for patient cards in July of this year.