Women to Watch: Missy Bliss

Women to Watch: Missy Bliss

Missy Bliss is the newest member of the Intuitive Cannabis Industries staff, one of the leading marketing and branding services in the Missouri medical marijuana and cannabis space.

ICI also offers consulting, research and development, product design,  and management services and launched the Show Me Canna app. 

Bliss’ background and education are in Metaphysical Theology and Self Development. Bliss was a Transformational Coach for a decade and focused on Spiritual Intimacy for the last two years, but she’s no stranger to cannabis and herbal medicine.

“I choose cannabis because I’m a mom and once you’ve loved a child this deeply you can’t stand to watch any child suffer. While I do believe that we, as adults, should choose what we do with our lives, there are little children out there suffering needlessly through different medical procedures and sometimes dying because they don’t have access to safe medicine. It’s time to end the stigma and I want to be a part of that magic and healing.”

Bliss is a recognizable face in the cannabis community, she’s been a cannabis activist for over a decade, helped campaign for Amendment 2, and is engaged to a celebrity of sorts in Craig Kohler of Hoosier Sophisticate.

“I fell madly in love with the people in this industry. These are my people. Many of them have become my family. I am so proud to be a part of this community,” she says.

“My favorite part about being a woman in this industry are the other women in this industry. There is something very special about women who lead purpose-driven lives. I am excited to learn and grow with them!”


Greenway asked Bliss how she became involved with ICI, what’s next for the company here in Missouri, and what her mission is in life.

“My personal mission is to align my heart, mind, and money. I believe that we can do things we love that enrich our community and build a wonderful life doing it.“

Bliss continued, “The founders of ICI, Chris O’Keefe and Lou Moynihan, were already friends and it was an easy choice for all of us because of shared personal and professional values. What makes ICI so special is that we walk our talk. We truly believe that there is enough for everyone and if we work together, we can help everyone achieve their dreams within this abundant and thriving industry. We hold the belief that nothing needs to be forced. Square pegs go into square holes. If you do what you’re really good at, everyone’s life becomes a bit easier and happier.”

ICI is looking to connect medical cannabis businesses and consumers to information and resources.  

“The app connects patients to doctors, businesses within the industry, potential employees to potential employers, has a tab for cannabis entertainment and media, and has a calendar of all things cannabis happening within the entire state.”