One week remains in public comment period as indu​stry becomes more clear

By Rachael Dunn

Public comment will remain open until May 15 for rules being promulgated by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services for the state’s medical marijuana program.

The Department has concluded a 10 hearing series of committees reviewing public comment regarding application rules. Greenway Magazine covered all 10 hearings, where department counsel went through each draft application question for revision and received final committee approval. 

The facility license applications will be posted on June 4. The Department will begin accepting those applications for a two week period beginning August 3. 

Jack Cardetti, media spokesman for the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association told the Columbia meet up on Tuesday evening, that anyone with concerns, questions, or ideas about the posted draft rules needs to submit comments to the Department. Comments can be submitted via online form.

Two days after the public comment period ends, the state legislature adjourns for the year, officially casting aside concerns that there would be vast limitations to the state’s program statutorily. In November Missouri passed another constitutional amendment alongside Amendment 2, an ethics reform package in Amendment 1. Amendment 2 created the medical marijuana program.

The ethics reform measure has been greatly targeted by the legislature for reform and revision, but cannabis thought leaders have contended that that has not been a concern for the medical marijuana amendment.

“That’s not happening [with Amendment 2] and that is a really good thing,” Cardetti said. Cardetti also noted to the crowd that the legislature has been proactive towards medical marijuana this session, discussing measures such as expungement this past legislative session. 


Cardetti told association members that one bill of concern, SB6, has been revised successfully. 

“We worked with legislators to really narrow that down,” Cardetti said. The bill went from being amended in a vague way, potentially prohibiting marijuana-infused edibles, to simply prohibiting edibles that resemble cartoons, animals, or people. As of the writing of this story, SB6 has not passed out of the legislature, but you can read more about it here.

With one week remaining, DHSS is set to post all application forms and instructions based on the finalized rules. A new set of draft rules was posted on May 2. 

Lyndall Fraker speaks during DHSS advisory committee

In an interview with Greenway Magazine, DHSS Medical Marijuana Division Director Lyndall Fraker emphasized the Department’s drive to have the public as engaged as possible in the rule making process.

“The Amendment was very clear that they wanted everyone to be a part of this business.”

“We want this whole industry to be treated fairly,” Fraker told Greenway Magazine. “Certainly, when you start an industry, there will be many questions. We’re trying to bring in the general public to help. We feel like it’s the fairest way.”

From the time a facility license application is accepted, DHSS has 150 days to approve or decline applications.